Jan Huei Industry co., Ltd. was established on 1988, mainly started with the production of Conductive Silicone Rubber Key Pad, up to now, products range extended to Electronic Component, Mobile Parts, Mechanical Parts, Sporting Parts, Medical Parts, and Industry Rubber Foot, Anti-shock damper, Compound ¡]with plastic, metal, cloth, Teflon¡^Rubber. In 2005, new plastic injection equipments & CNC Processing Machine were added to develop and produce Plastic Products.The equipments of fabricate & testing are all advanced and well adjusted; ISO 9001¡¦s certification also acquired.
Our quality policy
1. Dependable.     2. Workable.
3. Quality Assure. 4. Immediately Response
Our quality target
Reject rate less than 3% are the top principle.
The company are composed of: Research, Tooling, Produce Management, Marketing, Material Mixing, Parts Molding, Quality Assurance, Packing Department¡C The equipments of fabricate are all new VACUUM HOT PRESS. Testing Equipments: LIFE ENDURANCE TESTERS, FORCE CURVE TESTER, 2.5D OPTICAL PROJECTOR and other related Rubber Nature Tester, all these combine with unceasingly development, improvement make Jan Huei provides best service & quality to our customers; engineering and design discussing before mass-production, in-time test run and production¡]flexible 24 hours 3 shifts¡^, we are confident that Jan Huei will be your best partner.

Your artwork or samples are unique and will have our best attention. It¡¦s your best choice, contact us right away.

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¡@August 24, 2018
  We pass ISO 9001(2015) & ISO 13485(2016) certificate in October,2018....
¡@March 1, 2017
  In March 2017, company relocation.
¡@March 7, 2008
  New and fancy material developed, Self -sticky Silicone, without any self-adhesive tape, can stick on any solid materials. It can be recycled just washed by water and dry it when dirts on it. It can be applied to take place of magnet due to it's low cost, and can stick on any solid materials.
¡@November 15, 2007
  New type of healthy product developed, the assembling products can be changed into many different styles, to enrich the various appearance and color.
¡@October 30, 2007
  New conductive material developed, the resistence can be lower than 0.5£[/square cm, suit for Electronic Industry or Semi-Conductive Industry use.
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